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What trouble could I run into if I use a service that uses long codes? Coupon Codes (50% discount) - October Express Promo Codes

Are there legal implications, delivery issues, or other problems? From a mobile marketing perspective, long codes are kosher as long as they follow the rules put in place by the wireless carriers rolled up into one lowest common denominator standards by the MMA and administered by the CTIA. Short codes offer three advantages over long codes, they are 1 generally easier to use in terms of memory recall, 2 generally offer higher throughput then long codes, and 3 are generally less expensive than long codes.

Long codes or really just regular phone numbers are definitely great — just wanted to highlight the differences that I see between the two. Whether right or not, short codes will be given priority delivery and also be able to receive metrics regarding being sent to carrier, received at handset, etc. As it is now, we recommend siding with the carriers and going short code. Those stats are crazy!

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I have read them in different reports. I question their validity, too. Question everything is a great motto and bumper sticker! But, one thing is sure — mobile is the future. Forget all the hype and just look around, right? You can calculate delivery rate and click though rate depending short URL usage.

We wrote a blog post about SMS click through rates a few months ago. Hard to know the way it will go with the Apps though. This is a great and very comprehensive list! We at Austin Scott Mobile Marketing offer many mass SMS as well as picture mail services, but take our offerings further with voice broadcasting, mobile coupons, text to screen, Facebook and Twitter integration and more. We offer a free trial with access to all of our features and support with helping you set up your mobile campaigns.

Perhaps if you ever update this list you might consider our company Text Republic. Great list though I am familiar with many of these great companies especially Signal. This is a very good list. It is in a class of its own compared with the ones mentioned above, as it has a very narrow focus: generating more customers and sales from existing customers via text messaging.

They only do this one thing, and I think they are on the right track to being the ones who do it the best. Text message marketing has many advantages in addition to the ones listed. I think a main one missed is the ability to create same day sales. If your business missed the sales goal for the lunch period or early in the week, send out a text blast to increase sales and meet or exceed your goals for that day or week. We offer free SMS marketing through the shortcode Great article. No matter the platform you choose make sure it fits your needs. Talk to the provider about what you are looking to accomplish, metrics to benchmark success and resources you require.

Please add onepgr. Using OnePgr, businesses can create an entire page and invite their prospects or customers to the page by sharing the link using SMS or email. The page also offers integrated audio and video conferencing. Would appreciate any feedback.

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This was a good article but sadly leaves some excellent companies out of the mix. Does any one know of a sms app that has a auto billing feature??

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Very convenient. Another great text messaging tool is Sendtree.

Highly profession and reliable…and reasonably priced! I have used ReachPeople. Thank you so much for sharing this helpful list. Are the rules different for one-on-one texting vs. The rules for consent are different when it comes to the type of message. As for quantity of texting, there are no rules which limit quantity of outbound messages.

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There are a lot of companies and those listed are pretty good. I would like to add one to the list. I have researched a lot of companies and this one provides great platform that obeys all privacy laws. Check out Automated Sales Intelligence , they have an awesome software that can handle text messaging marketing to any scale and any where in the world.

Also includes a great sales system that is easy to use and actually works. We find from feedback from our customers that the most successful SMS marketing strategies are a combination of permission based marketing opt in only and the frequency of the SMS campaigns. We advise once per month is enough for an SMS campaign as it will keep customers engaged but not overexposed.

Sometimes customers tend to oversend and we see a spike in opt-outs in these cases. I would like to know which is the best company that offer bulk sms services in Africa, some companies offering sms api gateway are not ligitimate. Thanks for putting this together and the great thread of comments around all the different services. Hi, sometimes I get a site error when I view your site.

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I thought you may wish to know, regards. I want to talk in favor of bulk sms advertising I consider the greatest advantage of advertising using the sms distribution is that it is not so persistent, I mean you receive the sms — and you can yourself decide whether read it or not, if the information in it is interesting sales, some discounts, etc. It is even useful information, I honestly always glad to get some sales offer, promocode or so… If not — you just can ignore it, delete it. This way of ads is not so obstinate, in comparison with the calls…. But for me this way of getting the information is much more better that receiving cold calls, junk e-mails or so….


Pingback: Mobile advertising Pearltrees. Is your small business texting, and should it be? Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved. Powered by. Notifo is another that handles notifications to the iOS platform. Bonuses: If you simply want to replace your mobile phone text plan for something less expensive, these five options are worth a look: Go SMS Android App. James April 15, at am. Jeff Judge May 25, at am. Anita May 25, at am. Noel Mosio May 25, at am. Ryan September 20, at pm.

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