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What is fibre broadband?

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Monthly usage allowance The amount you download determines the broadband package you should get. To keep things simple, we ask if you would like to see packages which are unlimited. These packages are ideal for users who are online for several hours during the day, or use the internet extensively for entertainment - like downloading movies and TV, streaming entertainment, or playing games.

They are also good for large households where several people go online at the same time. Limited Unlimited. Minimum speed Your broadband speed determines how fast web pages load, files are downloaded, the time streaming video takes to buffer, and more. For a big household, or one where you stream lots of video or play games, a fast speed is recommended. Include TV.

Show deals with mobile SIM. Include cost of new line.

Show homephone only. What series do you need to watch as they air and which could you watch as a boxset? Once you know what features and channels you want out of broadband and TV deal, you can compare broadband and TV deals on our featured page.

Switching to a new broadband deal is easy. Here are some common questions we get about switching broadband.


Best Cheap Fibre And Broadband Deals: September - Which?

The exception is if, during the contract term, the provider you want to leave increases the price of the monthly subscription you agreed to when you signed up. At uSwitch, we offer a contract reminder service for account holders. If you're switching between providers on the Openreach network — which covers a lot of major providers, including BT, TalkTalk, Plusnet and Sky — switching is seamless and easy. Simply contact your new provider and they'll coordinate the start date with your current provider.

This should result in minimal downtime for you. To switch to or from Virgin Media, you'll need to contact both providers and coordinate the start and end dates to avoid overlap or downtime.

Fibre broadband deals

For the past 11 years, uSwitch has polled customers and expert judges to determine the best in broadband. This year, we polled over 10, broadband customers to decide the winners in our consumer-voted award categories, including Broadband Provider of the Year, Best Provider Customer Service and Quad-play Provider of the Year.

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To determine our Fastest Broadband Provider, we used results from our broadband speed test. To see our uSwitch Award winners in Mobiles and to find out more about our awards, visit our dedicated uSwitch Awards page. Compare broadband deals now on our best broadband deals comparison page. Comparison tools and tables To take the strain out of switching, our comparison tables highlight the offers recommended by our team of broadband experts. Broadband news and guides Updated daily, our news section keeps you abreast of everything from surveys of the fastest broadband providers and new money-saving offers to ongoing drive to improve super-fast broadband coverage across the UK.

How does uSwitch Broadband make money? The commission income enables us to offer a free service to compare broadband deals and allows us to develop broadband comparison tools we offer on the site. Want to see who was named best broadband provider? Find out the answer and much, much more at our dedicated broadband awards page.

Plusnet has announced plans to increase their prices across the board as of December While it may appear that Ireland has a large number of broadband providers, it is important to note that the availability of certain providers and certain connection types is still heavily dependant on their availability in certain areas. To see which providers are available in your area, you can use our Broadband Comparison Tool , enter your address and browse your results. The quickest way to check what broadband provider has the fastest connection speeds in your area is to head over to our broadband comparison tool and key in your address or eircode.

Generally there is only 1 broadband provider that can supply your home. If you wish to have more than one broadband provider your choices are You can choose another provider by using our broadband comparison tool and selecting your preferences. Once you place your order your new broadband provider will complete the steps needed to make the change from your old provider if both use your telephone line.

If you are switching either to or from a cable provider such as Virgin Media you will need to have your new provider in place before you cancel your old provider to avoid a service interruption. The best broadband deal for you will depend on a number of factors, including your usage habits, the size of your home, your budget and where you live.

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However, if you live in a big, busy home with numerous devices streaming content at the same time, you might prefer a very powerful Mbps or 1, Mbps connection, if these are available in your area. You might also want to bundle your broadband with a TV and home phone plan, or you might be happy with a broadband-only deal.

The tables below show the best broadband bundles and the best broadband-only deals available in Ireland. The table below shows a list of the cheapest broadband deals in Ireland, sorted in order of year-one cost. To find the best deal, you should compare all broadband providers in your area before making a decision.