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Many of the company's products are twists on famous designs or are inspired by mixtures or hybrids of two or more well-known products. Its custom-made or specially designed items typically are much more expensive than products it labels or licenses from other firms. CEO Friedman insists that it is essential that the company's target customer "fall in love" with the brand. In , founder Stephen Gordon left the company to work on an apparel venture with movie actor Robert Redford.

In , Sears purchased a In , with the mortgage crisis causing a downturn in the company's fortunes, the firm closed more of its stores and took the company's stock private again.

In , the company went public again and changed its official name to "RH. The company became the largest importer of Italian bedding and Belgian linen in the United States. The firm created a line of furnishings especially for smaller apartments and homes called Small Spaces.

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  • In , the company created its Objects of Curiosity line, featuring unique artifacts and curiosity pieces. It also created its Tableware line of kitchen and dining items and place settings.

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    The same year, the company introduced its RH Contemporary Art line of limited-edition artworks by American-based fine artists. Since , the company has focused on leasing large historic buildings in different cities such as Boston, East Hampton, Greenwich and Chicago or building brand new ones in cities such as Houston to function as its flagship stores.

    It calls these stores "galleries," and the decor and design of these stores are given equal or greater prominence than their merchandise. The company continues to expand, both in terms of the number of its locations and the lines of merchandise it carries. The company has aggressive plans to expand in the United States and internationally, to the point of closing some successful locations in favor of opening much larger stores in the same cities. Some high-end clothing manufacturers such as Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein have entered the home decor space, just as Restoration Hardware has entered the apparel space.

    Restoration Hardware and its competitors both outsource merchandise manufacturing, branding and licensing and have items custom-made for them. Ralph Lauren has labeled goods from the famous home furnishings company Henredon in the past. However, as of yet, none of these primarily fashion retailers have made nearly the kind of monetary commitment to the home goods business that Restoration Hardware has.

    Why the World Is Flat

    Restoration Hardware's much higher price points, in theory, are justified by their investment in their shopping experience and enhanced brand perception. CEO Friedman aims to continue building high-end consumers' "love affair" with his company's brand in the future via investments in non-inventory expenditures. This clip features the remodeling of Restoration Hardware's store in Boston, Massachusetts. Restoration Hardware CEO narrates the gut renovation of the building with key insights on the company's retail philosophy.

    Twitter —Restoration Hardware's official Twitter account features promotions, product tips, links to social media, features from home design sites, video clips, PR notes and media mentions. YouTube —The Restoration Hardware YouTube channel features product spotlights, style focuses, store introductions, company news, artisan interviews and promotional clips. There is also a segment on the making of the Los Angeles Melrose Avenue store.

    The channel also features an introduction to the RH Teen line of Restoration Hardware furnishings for adolescents.

    Steeves promises drones for city police

    Trapped in his gloomy cell and serving a year sentence that felt like an eternity, Brown, then 49, found himself stretched out on the floor. He was silent. His eyes were shut. His body did not move. Brown, a man raised as a Baptist and taught to praise the Lord and fear the devil, was meditating.

    CEO of the former Restoration Hardware talks of the new Tampa RH store

    Eastern religions encompassing meditation techniques have captivated hippies, somethings and celebrities like actor Richard Gere. But since the s, the art of meditation also has found a growing number of unlikely followers behind prison bars. The inmates say meditation -- an ancient practice that develops mental awareness and fosters relaxation -- is teaching them how to cope in prison.

    There is no group tracking the number of inmates converting to Buddhism or engaging in meditation practices. But programs and workshops educating inmates about meditation and yoga are sprouting up across the country.

    Meditation can help the convicts find calmness in a prison culture ripe with violence and chaos. The practice provides them a chance to reflect on their crimes , wrestle through feelings of guilt and transform themselves during their rehabilitative journey, Buddhist experts say. Since its inception in , Prison Dharma Network has grown from one person -- Maull -- teaching Buddhist principles to more than 75 member organizations corresponding with 2, individuals, many of them inmates.

    For the past seven years, Maull's group has taught a weekly meditation class in Boulder County Jail in Colorado.

    What You'll Get...

    Some inmates follow Zen Buddhism, a practice that originated in China, and meet weekly to focus their minds. Others practice Vipassana, a Buddhist practice founded in India, which consists of completing hundreds of hours of meditation in a short period of time.

    Buddhism has gained momentum in the United States over the past 25 years, becoming the third most popular religion in America behind Christianity and Judaism, according to the report from the the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. About 1. According to the American Religious Identification Survey in , there were 1. Some inmates, like Brown, may not label themselves official Buddhists, but they meditate, practice yoga and follow Buddhist principles on truth, responsibility and suffering. The practice of meditation seeped into the heart of the Bible Belt in The Donaldson Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison in Alabama , was notorious for violence.

    But a group of male inmates, including several murderers, completed a Vipassana meditation retreat that required more than hours of meditation in 10 days. More than men in Donaldson have gone through Vipassana at least once.

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