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When I complain I have an actual email back in record time. Their aircraft is clean, modern and well-maintained.


When I am overseas I trust the Delta planes. Their air miles are hard to obtain and expensive when you go to use them.

The food is low satisfactory but above others. Their alcohol is great, Major labels, no off brands like Alaska. I Fly Delta because I trust them. I am loyal to very few large companies on this planet. My loyalty often winds up local whenever possible. However, with Delta, I feel as proud to be a loyalist as I do with a local business. They treat me right. I capitalize that because with another major airline, my status I earned that was similar when I lived elsewhere and flew them a lot did nothing for me in comparison.

The app works seamlessly by the way.

Cheapest International Delta Miles Destinations

I am supposed to mention that huh? Thanks Delta for being a good company.

Non-Stop Cities

Flying you tomorrow! In fairness, there are many things this app does right - however, the plethora of things that are broken and that have been for years now merits a strongly worded inditement. The app consistently crashes with airport WiFi. This is unacceptable! Return date. How many people are going?

Do you have a per person budget?

Why Delta Air Lines Paid Me $11, Not To Fly To Florida This Weekend

What is the purpose of your trip? If you require hotel accommodations, what would you prefer? Other than cost what is most important to you?

TRIP REPORT - Delta Air Lines (Economy) - Airbus A320 - Orlando - New York

Please Select Most direct flight Star rating of hotel Airline preference Need to book as soon as possible. Airline Name.

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Find Your nearest Flight Centre. Where would you like to find a store? We are processing your request. The airlines can use this as a way to avoid compensating you. No gift cards for them.

And probably no vacation, either. Do your research. Tell them you only want to give up your seat for a good offer. Be careful. The gate agent took that at face value and gave his seat away. He changed his mind and regretted it, but it was too late. The airline will give preference to people who volunteer for less.

Consider the form of compensation. Think about what makes most sense. Some flight vouchers expire within a year; some gift cards expire even sooner. Cash is the best bet, if you can get it.

One Plane. One Flight. Ten Cities

The airline says I will get my suitcase back, and I am hopeful. Lesson learned: Fly with carryon bags. It makes it easier if you get rerouted or cancel the flight.

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Above all, be nice! Being nice? Now, that works. My husband bought lunch for a couple of gate agents who mentioned that they had worked through their break. And my own father is still stuck in Indianapolis as I write this. And now, I understand it.