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So for I have had no problems. I will keep a check on my card transactions though, thanks for the heads up. I ordered 3x camera lens-cleaning pens. A brush at one end, sponge at the other. The sponges had been saturated with glue, which had of course by then dried. But they were useless. Seller tried to weazle his way out of it once.

Guide to claims and buyers proteccion in AliExpress

I'd already sent photos, but explained again, said items were not fit for purpose they were made - silence - but he granted refund. Also ordered an 'egg cracker' - kind of like large plastic pliers. You put an egg in, it cracks and drops the egg contents and holds onto the shell. I'd nearly forgotten about it.

Logged in to see there were a few days left, requested a time extension, as sometimes stuff takes so long to get here.

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Seller contacted me, obviously lying the way it was written. Sorry, I sent it, but I can grant you refund if hasn't arrived, but if it arrives please send money again. Yeah right. Anyway, no item, but money back. About 30 cents - shipped! I felt guilty, so I looked through their store.

But they didn't have anything else much. So I ordered one each of four different colours.


Hasn't arrived yet. Aliexpress is basically similar same stuff as www. I've ordered about three times from DX. They just shove anything and everything into a bubblepack bag - ruin boxes, crush display containers - like the plastic display case for some bath 'roses' fake floating rose buds which were actually mislabelled as rose-shaped soap on the site, etc. So may as well buy from aliexpress. That way if something gets ruined, and you do miss out on a refund, at least it cost less.

Just make sure you get someone with some stars, some decent numerical feedback i. And - don't allow them to store the credit card info. I read an article that the site has been cracking down on the bad sellers - kicking them off. SO… Sellers are far less likely to rip people off. Sending 30 cent items shipped - they must be just about starving to death! On the subject of payment, I have a building society Visa debit card. I switch money into it online instantly, when I want to buy something from ebay, aliexpress, etc.

And if the money is not there, any transaction just gets denied. AliExpress reserves the right to cancel any order that violates any of the terms within these documents. AliExpress Pocket coupon values are not legal tender and are not transferrable, refundable or exchangeable for cash. In case of dispute, Alibaba. The amended and restated Terms shall be effective immediately upon posting.

I told the Ali chat people that I was going to do it, and I will. I have never had any problem purchase on Amazon. Amazon search function is superior. Language is superior. Product description is more professional. Review system is more professional and detailed and less subject to abuses. They sell secondhand things, and even the secondhand things I have no dispute.

Purchases at Aliexpress with cashback in Spain

I like the secondhand offerings especially, because often they are very competitively priced and have been handled by professional sellers who make professional descriptions. When they say a book has a few scribbles, it really is a few scribbles and not a hundred scribbles. Never needed to use their return policy.

Their shipping and handling is top notch. Their packaging is literally clumsy-postman proof. None of the cut-rate irresponsible packaging you get from aliexpress. Black trash bags are ok for clothes, not for keycaps! Am I willing to pay more for Amazon purchases? I have been paying more to date, and I will continue to pay more for Amazon stuff. Up yours, Jack Ma! I have purchased quite a lot through Amazon for all the reasons you stated. I have never had a problem that they didn't solve quickly and professionally. In one situation, they did not have what I ordered in stock and asked if I wanted a refund. I said yes and it took about a month, but I did get the refund. I guess I've been lucky so far, but I can definitely see how the language barrier, cultural differences, and preponderance of shady sellers can make the chances of a bad experience much, much higher.

Interestingly, I've heard it said many times that Amazon treats its customers like gold, but treats its employees like garbage. Amazon is the best place to buy online, but the worst place to work for. I recently tried to make my first purchase through Aliexpress. Is it normal for them to ask for a picture of your passport or might it be because of my wonky billing address?

Sending photos of my identification to some company in China just seems a bit sketch to me. Quote from: zslane I have purchased quite a lot through Amazon for all the reasons you stated. Quote from: mBass on Tue, 02 May , The suspension of Amazon accounts is to prevent people from abusing the generous return policy by "trialing" merchandise because they know they can just return it. There are people who do that, and as always, a few turds ruin it for the rest of us.

But personally, I've never had any issues going through the return process with Amazon. As for Aliexpress, out of the few times I've purchased from them, I have not had any issues.

SHOP NOW 11.11. AliExpress.

The free shipping is a bit slow, but hey, it's free. Quote from: eksuen on Tue, 02 May , Quote from: zslane on Tue, 02 May , Sorry to hear about all the trouble you ve been experiencing. BG and GB often have coupons and credit points, which reduces my total being charged. I would love to buy from Taobao, they have ridiculous prices, but.. Amazon is still great for many things and aspects. Let's do a mkb groupbuy with an Alibaba order. Might be personality as well working into this mix. If I buy clothes and am dissatisfied, I never complain.

But I know a girl who complains about practically every other item of apparel she gets online.

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She's done lots of returns, but so far has escaped getting account suspended. I am the opposite.